Elizabeth Daphne Foggie is a Black American writer, folkloric dancer, and interdisciplinary artist who has spent a significant amount of her life traveling in the US and abroad. She writes to blend the boundaries of the real and the imagined life, peppering her fictional narratives with real people, real places, and real events from her personal encounters. 

An avid observer of the human-social condition, she started The People's Studio LLC to curate, document and disseminate uncommon narratives and shared themes of the contemporary human story in film, photo, new media and much more. 

Cofounder of Be Social Change and current resident of the "infamous" Silicon Valley, Elizabeth is no stranger to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, cross-discipline collaborations, and fast-paced living - however when she's not working and creating, she enjoys time rejuvenating in nature, eating good food, dancing at cultural festivals, watching strong female leads in black and white films, and discovering hidden gems in her own backyard.