artist statement

There is no stopping the creative flow once it has begun, once it is unleashed in the mind and poured forth from the heart. An erupting volcano, no barrier from without can stop its movement, it simply finds new paths to pave, new lands to create, transforming all it encounters in the process.  

- Elizabeth D. Foggie


folkloric dance

Preservation of cultural stories through dance, food, song and ritual festivals. 
Educate and inspire through stories connecting life and meaning through aesthetic and technique. 



Light. Nature. Travel. 
Documenting human life through reflective representations of everyday life. 


contemporary abstract

Layers, bold contrasting colors, texture. Black foundation canvas, white and red complementary colors, accent colors of blue, yellow and purple hue.

Offering visual arts workshops for companies to expand their creative toolbox and utilize self-care techniques through visual arts expression. 



Crowdsourced stories.// Give me prompt to make your story, any story come alive. History is the shared story we agree upon, and our collaboration is vital for its integrity;

Films.// Uncommon narratives about my experiences, questions, encounters and perspectives.; Performance & Installation art.// Sound. Word. Visuals. Taste. Immersive. Participatory. Ritual.