Photo by Lily Cameron


Elizabeth Daphne Foggie is the founder and CEO of The People’s Studio LLC based in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Born in Germany, raised in North Florida, and a PhD candidate in Switzerland, Elizabeth mixes an Afro-European aesthetic with earthy, indigenous roots.

Her most notable projects include cofounder of Be Social Change, project manager for a series of Black Women’s Gardens installations, and chair of the archival art book committee for The Black Woman is God.

Her visual artwork announces,  "We Are Nature" by capturing in photograph vast natural landscapes of foreign lands, magnifying the majesty of the smallest flower, and curating editorial snapshots that place the human form somewhere in between. She evokes humanity's indigenous, earth-based traditions as inspiration for her paintings and skillfully weaves them into her screenplays. Currently she is working on her first feature film, Heim.

Stay inspired and follow her on Instagram @peoplesstudio @foggiewanderer @elizabethdfoggie