Why should I wait to write a memoir?

I thought it might be interesting to begin writing my memoirs.

I know, you're probably thinking this seems like a pointless practice considering I've not yet achieved notable success by society's standards - I'm 31 years old, unmarried, with no children expected in the near future, and working in multiple industries that require sheer hustle and time in order to advance to a financially significant level. 

However, we should rethink the purpose of a memoir. 

The absolute truth of the matter is - we don't know how long we will live. We do not know what the next day brings, and the best we can do is make the most of the next moment, the next opportunity to become a better version of our "self" of yesterday. 

So I began to look at the process of memoir writing. 

It appears to be a largely reflective process. An overview of pivotal turning points, meaningful moments, and decisions made (and not made). It's a mature version of your childhood diary, more to-the-point than you're adult journal, and a great opportunity to begin to reflect on decisions made, how the decisions you made influenced your life (for better or for worse), and helps to recognize the beauty of how encounters with particular people, places and experience either placed you on course correct, or the sheer miracle of how no matter the perceived misstep you end up exactly where you need to be for the next pivotal phase, growth point or deepening. In this way, human error is simply a growth opportunity that takes time and perspective to develop. 

Most importantly it makes room for reflection, self-authorship and meaning-making in your personal Book of Life; it shows concretely, the authorship of your own history.  

And so, I will endeavor to write my memoirs. Memoirs of a life fully lived thus far. Memoirs, to teach myself lessons I've already learned. Memoirs, to contribute my indelible mark of personal history to human history, regardless of whether it finds its way to the newspapers and textbooks of tomorrow. Memoirs to illustrate the importance of my story to myself, and its affect on my community. Memoirs...just because my story means something to me, and that's reason enough. 

Elizabeth D Foggie