la fleur

Flower (noun.) the seed-bearing part of the plant, consisting of reproductive organs.

La Fleur (verb.) to bloom, to reach an optimal stage of development.

La Fleur is a collection of photos taken on my long walks to decompress after busy days, release anxious energy, and simply be reminded of the beautiful lessons nature reflects to us in each moment.

Flowers speak to me. They flirt with me. They want to be seen, cherished and adored. The energy is sensual, endearing, connected and a sweet breath of inspiration.

When I take a photo of a flower, I am remembering the courage it takes to fully bloom, the vulnerability, the beauty and the transitory nature of this brief moment in time. It is an expressive, but very brief part of the process of life.

In these moments, reflected here, I am reminded to savor, and understand the natural miracle of being alive and to recognize that every challenge has the potential to bloom into a delicate crown - whose small seeds mark the beginnings of a future yet unknown.