We Are Nature. 

My work is about visually exploring and illustrating the conceptual theme: We Are Nature.

  • PHOTO |  My photos capture expansive views of untouched landscape, evoking the wildness of minimally manipulated locations, calling into question concepts of dominance and control. In contrast, I also magnify the deceptive frailty and courageous vulnerability of flowers in photo as an attempt to embody those qualities within myself.
  • PAINT  | My paintings are primarily acrylic on wood with prints available upon request. I combine indigenous and ancestral traditions with a bold and contemporary aesthetic, weaving mixed media and stippling where appropriate.
  • FILM | My feature films are about uncommon characters who transform through common human experiences in unexpected locations. I weave together contemporary social issues, elements of ancestral/ magical realism, and everyday human experience to construct and define our global mythology through image and word.

Photo by Austin Heppler